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drawing/project thing: 100 colour palette challenge

distraction: surprisingly not distracted for once

jam: mrs all american

ability to draw: um


- ziam au comic finALLY

colour palette thing is closed


hiya i just wanted to let you guys know that i’m not going to be taking any more colour palette requests because i got a lot more than i expected and it’d be super rad if people didn’t send anything in while i’m finishing them up!! unfortunately i’m not going to be able to do everybody’s request because of how often some palettes or ships/people are requested like i’m not sure if i want to draw narry 10 times in 10 different palettes?? sorry to people whose requests don’t get answered in the end ahh thank u friends for reading ur gr8 ;u;////

i’m a day late with a super sketchy drawing but whew four years already!! congratulations to our boys! <3

jerriebitchesss asked:
Jerrie (little mix) in #15 please? :) P.s: perrie used to have pink hair and jade used to have blue if this helps :) xx

favourite!!! hair!!! colours!!!

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Anonymous asked:
How can you not be sure about your gender? I'm a bit confused about that. If you have a vagina, you're a girl. If you have a penis, you're a boy.

mmm well not exactly friend! sex and gender are mistaken to be synonymous a lot of the time. this is a nice page to look through, highlighting questions 3, 8, and 9? if you want more clarification you could try searching up more on google but i recommend that you find a reliable source that isn’t biased. sorry if i didn’t really help explain anything! i’m not very sure of anything these days if i’m honest.

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hidden-from asked:
Could you please do Harry in 25, thanks :)

remember chinese farmer hat harry

palette challenge open!

Anonymous asked:
Oh Gosh you're the cutest artist!

oh man i can’t believe someone thinks that about me and my art gosh that’s super sweet of you anon <3 ;u;

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Anonymous asked:
Um... Can you do sleepy larry in 29? Love you art by the way!!


sleepy fetus boys uwu/

palette challenge open!

japan zayn in #82, liam in #69, and two nialls in #20 and #71

palette challenge open!

lambertgirl asked:
Hello, can you please, please, please, pretty please do Chris Evans (Cap America, if you will) in 44? Pleeeaseeeee ♥ I will love you forever and ever!


s t e e e e e v e

palette challenge open!

Anonymous asked:
Ashton Irwin in 6? if its not too much trouble! :3